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Will Cruickshank (b.1974 UK) has a multidisciplinary practice which includes sculpture, film, photography, and printmaking, alongside machines and participatory works.  His recent practice has focused on making objects through the development of experimental machinery, materials, and production methods.  This began in three grain silos in Essex, which he converted as studio spaces in 2015.  Often repurposing equipment such as cement mixers, bikes, or potters wheels he has devised complex makeshift weaving machines, improvised lathes, printing presses, and water carving techniques.  This period of research was funded by Arts Council England through 2018-19.

Material, machine, and maker, each take their turn in leading or resisting outcomes and it is a sensitivity to this push and pull that drives the work.  It is a practice grounded in learning by doing, and thinking through making.

He now lives and works in Devon, where he set up a new studio this year.

Solo Exhibitions


Three Moons.  Exeter Phoenix Gallery, Exeter.  12/02-16/04/23.


Inside Outside.  MAAB Gallery, Milan.  2022.

Silo.  Fold Gallery, London.  2020.

Low Tide.  Coleman Project Space, London.  2019.

Rotations.  Saloni Projects, London.  2019.

Push and Pull.  Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.  2018.

Swing Time.  Studio 1.1, London.  2012.

Everything.  Studio 1.2, Haarlem, Netherlands.  2011.

Anything.  Festival Cement.  Maastricht, Netherlands.  2011.

Combine.  Studio 1.1, London.  2009.

Columbo.  Coleman Projects, London.  2008.

Wheelbarrow Piano.  Pallas Contemporary Projects, Dublin, Ireland.  2008.

The Shampoo.  Studio 1.1, London.  2007.

Projects.  Rosy Wilde Gallery, London.  2004.

JUST.  SOAP Gallery, Kokura, Kitakyushu-shi, Japan.  1998.

Selected Group Exhibitions


Reverse Parking.  Thames-Side Studio Gallery, London.  22/02-12/03/23.


Two Rooms.  Bo Lee and Workman.  Bruton, Somerset.  2022.

If These Walls Could Talk. Curated by Stephanie Ruth. 2022.

Flock.  Bo Lee and Workman.  Bruton, Somerset.  2022.

The Factory Project.  Recreational Grounds/Thorpe Stavri, London.  2021.

EQX.  French Riviera, London.  2021.


Mass.  Saatchi Gallery, London.  2021.


Washing Line.  Thames-Side Gallery, London. 2020.


Mark-Making in Textile.  Gallery X, Royal Academy, London.  2020.

Parade.  Broadway Gallery, Letchworth.  2020.

Entre Amis Deux.  French Riviera, London.  2020.

Amalgamation.  Cello Factory, London.  2019.

Object Meditation.  After Nyne Gallery, London.  2019.

Open Construction.  Saturation Point, Barking.  2019.

Uptwist Downtwist.  Ty Pawb, Wrexham, Wales.  2019.

Harder Edge.  Saatchi Gallery, London.  2019.

Between Things, The Minories Galleries, Colchester, Essex. 2017.

Creekside Open. APT Gallery. London. 2015.

Two showers.  Supernormal, Oxfordshire.  2014.

Grand Magasin.  French Riviera Gallery.  London.  2013.

Two showers.  Supernormal Festival.  Braziers Park.  2013.

Swing Harmonograph.  Kunstvlaai,  Amsterdam.  2012.

Members Show.  Outpost Gallery, Norwich.  2012.

Les Televisions.  French Riviera, London.  2011.

Exhaustion and Exhuberance.  Eastside Projects, Birmingham.  2011.

Working Title.  Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.  2011.

Shelter with balls.  Supernormal.  Braziers Park.  2011.

Small Scale Survival.  Aid & Abet.  Cambridge.  2011.

Two Pavilions.  Supernormal.  Braziers Park.  2010.

Jetty.  The Boathouse.  Port Eliot Festival.  2010.

Dorm.  The Model,  Sligo, Ireland.  2010. 

The Bird Scarer.  Piggotts Farm, Essex.  2010.

No Soul For Sale.  Tate Modern, London.  2010.

Institute for objective measurement.  August Art.  2009.

The Silo.  Piggotts Farm, Essex.  2009.

A Pair of Fires.  Port Eliot Festival. Cornwall.  2009.

An inquiry into (the/a/-) disruption of creativity.  Waterside Project Space.  2009.

Survey.  Standpoint Gallery, London.  2009.

The Hot Chocolate Machine.  Zhongdian, Yunnan, China.   2007.

Flying Bike.  Golden Dragon Street Studios, Zhongdian, Yunnan, China.  2007.

Sausage Trees.  Coleman Project Space, London.  2007. 

The Boring English Countryside.  August Art, London.   2007.

Mixed Pickles – Overloaded.  K3 Project Space, Zurich.  2006.

Grotto.  Studio 1.1, London.  2007. 

Make Believe.  Shillam+Smith, London.  2006.

Supertankers.  August Art, London.  2006.

Grotto II.  Jessica Murray Projects, Brooklyn, USA.  2004.

Ergo thus.  Martinez Gallery, Brooklyn, USA.  2003.

Chockerfuckingblocked.  Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London.  2003.

Balmy Daze.  Houldsworth, London.  2002.

Out of Place.  Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery.  2002.

Food Hall.  Houldsworth, London.  2001.

Awards, Residencies & Fellowships

Arts Council England.  DYCP award for studio research.  2018-2019.

Artist in Residence, Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire.  2010-2014.

Working Title Residency.  Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.  2011.

Artist in Residence, Coleman Project Space, London.  2008.

Arts Council England International Artists Fellowship, initiated by Braziers International Artists Workshop.  Lijiang Studios/Golden Dragon Street Studios, Zhongdian, Yunnan Province, China.  Residency.  2007.

Braziers International Artists Workshop. Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.  2006.


Manchester Metropolitan University.  1994-97.  BA(Hons)  Fine Art (Sculpture).

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